Welcome to New York

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“Hi everybody! Is this thing still on?” – Obama on Twitter, post Trump inauguration. Too soon? Yeah just a bit lol. Well I may be a bit rusty considering I haven’t posted a blog post since the 1800s but nevertheless lets do this thing! I sound like a suburban pee wee soccer coach it’s fine. Anyway I was recently back in New York City over winter break and lemme tell ya, I can only dream to reach the level of photogenic that is this city.  It took a while to get used to the maze that is the subway system. Like legit our first hour in the city, we took the wrong train, one that was going the complete opposite direction, and ended up in the Bronx. Needless to say, there wasn’t a moment after that that I didn’t have google maps open, she really pulled through that week. From hitting every iconic spot from my favorite TV shows to just sitting and breathing in the polluted air, every moment was so surreal.Ugh I really missed it lol. Also I am very proud of my Californian bones for making it through the freezer that this city is in the winter. Although I must say, it snowed when I was in Times Square at midnight and I was mesmerized. Speaking of Times Square, I did something I actually never thought I’d do, I saw the ball drop on New Years so that was aight I guess lol. Another thing I’d like to point out is, I am a very fast walker and my friends and family literally never fail to give me crap about it and it was SO NICE having everyone walking the same speed as me, ily new yorkers.

Okay honestly though thanks for taking the time out of your oh so busy schedules to read this, it means a lot lol. I’ll really try posting a bit more. I’m not as busy right now because things have finally started to slow down a bit this semester; however I do have multiple assignments due tomorrow and a quiz yet I’m sitting here writing this so yay. I also recently went to Chicago so I’ll try to have a post up about that soon and I promise I won’t make you wait 47 years for it. Thanks!

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So no one told you life was gonna be this waaayyy! Anyone who knows me knows about my unhealthy obsession with the show Friends so this was pretty much one of the most significant moments of my life thus far.
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My name is Selena Gomez and you’re watching Disney Channel.

Ya girl came to EAT. 

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